Monday, August 24, 2009

Bluebird of happiness

This little ceramic bluebird caught my eye and fit nicely onto a leftover piece of 300lb watercolour paper, about 8 x 8 square.

I'm not a collector of knick knacks as they only mean something else to clean, so the ones I do have a sentimental value and are few. Some only come out seasonally. Lately I find myself looking at vintage pieces and recall a little ceramic eggcup that I received one Easter as a child and wonder what became of it. It would make a great little drawing or painting if I can track it, or something similar down.

Be like I, hold your head up high,
Till you find a bluebird of happiness.
You will find greater peace of mind
Knowing there's a bluebird of happiness.
And when he sings to you,
Though you're deep in blue,
You will see a ray of light creep through,
And so remember this, life is no abyss,
Somewhere there's a bluebird of happiness.
Bluebird of Happiness
Words by Edward Heyman and Harry Parr Davies
, 1934

And for those who want to visit (or revisit) some classic music of the 30s, have a listen to what was a huge hit at the time.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little guy, and what a great job you did painting him! I love this, Jeanette. We have bluebirds here all the time, and they're really gorgeous birds.

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely sketch. Great post.

Laurel Neustadter said...

Nice watercolor painting. Beautiful colors and ceramic texture.

Maree Clarkson said...

Lovely sketch Jeanette. I also have a few of this trinkets, also sentimental, in boxes somewhere now.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Anonymous. I haven't seen a live bluebird as they aren't resident here, but images that I have seen they look beautiful.

Thanks Jo.

I decided not to use masking fluid on the highlight for this Laurel and it worked out fairly well.

Mine are mostly boxed away too Maree with perhaps one or two on display. Dust catchers! :)

Jan said...

We have all kinds of blue birds also but they're very difficult to photograph. Your painting of this one looks great. It looks like ceramic with that nice glassy sheen to it.

RH Carpenter said...

Love this little bluebird and how well you've painted him. And really loved the jazzy yupo cat, too! Think I've found a new favorite art blogger :)

vivien said...

this is delightful! beautiful light and shine :>)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jan I like the challenge of drawing or painting hard objects. I'm glad this worked.

Rhonda, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the paintings.

Thanks Vivien. :)

Felicity Grace said...

This is just gorgeous! I've missed quite a bit as Bloglines hasn't been showing your posts. I love the Yupo cat too!

Fossfor said...

beautiful work and I like the song lyrics as well :)