Thursday, August 27, 2009

One minute

I have a love/hate relationship with warm up gesture drawings. They do kick your hand/mind into the mode for a longer drawing but if they go on too long my mind starts to lose interest and want to get into the 'meat' of a longer drawing.

These drawings were done today at the Group of 77's life drawing session which are held on Thursday mornings and have done so for nearly 30 years. Unfortunately only on holiday time can I take part. I so long for an evening drawing session, but it seems that I need to start something myself if its going to become reality.

But back to gesture drawings. It always amazes me at just how much information I can put on paper in a single minute. I look at overall shape, not detail and try to put in place the lines that make up a curve and turn into a gesture. Only then does it become a useful exercise and not one in frustration.

And I got a note today from Elizabeth Scammell Reynolds, who is a fine art appraiser in St. John's and who was the /judge at an art association show last year that I took part in. She critiqued the three pieces that I put into the show and gave very positive feedback. One of pieces - Curled - which you may remember from back in February 2008, was given first place in charcoal on paper.

Why it took so long to provide the information, I don't know, but good news is always good news even if it is late good news.


Pat said...

Great lines You have done these so well. I miss my life drawing groups.

Jo Castillo said...

Great gestures for one minute! Cool.

Congrats on the portrait. Very interesting and fun. Well done!

Laurel Neustadter said...

These are really nice. So simple and elegant. Congrats on Curl.

Niall young said...

A reat selection of sketches have captured the nudes very well...your self portrait is fabulous!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you Pat. This drawing session was a one off for me as its during the week in the morning and I work. Sigh.

Its good to test yourself with time limits like this Jo. And it does get your brain in drawing mode.

Line drawings always appeal to me too Laurel. You can say so much without detail.

Thanks Niall. The sp was fun to do. I wanted something that wasn't traditional and sombre. This was it! :)

Jan said...

Glad you were able to get to the drawing class - maybe you'll just have to retire so your mornings will be free! lol

Congrats on the first place for your self portrait! That one always makes me smile!

vivien said...

Well done! and yes I do remember it :>)

those quick gestural sketches are good, catching the essential planes and pose well.

Tracy Hall said...

Your warm up sketches are fabulous Jeanette. I wish there was a life drawing class near me, I used to love it.