Sunday, August 30, 2009


I found some photos I had taken of a friend's daughter and remembered her day of 'dancing' for me. She was 3 and full of energy, flinging herself around the room in the late afternoon sun, wearing her 'princess' dress.

The expression on her face was pure joy. She loves to dance and move and dress up. Her titian hair glowed with light against the shadows and her face showed her pleasure. She was alone in the world at that very moment enjoying herself to the ultimate that she could.

Oh to be able to feel that pure abandonment for the moment. We have glimpses of it as adults, but society has trained us to not give in at risk of being labelled inappropriate or mentally ill. Pity.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful sensitive portrait Jeanette!

sue said...

You captured such a lovely moment here, Jeanette--your color palette is beautiful.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Ronell, she's a delight to paint.

Sue, thank you. The image doesn't do justice to the real life version as the colours just glow in the hair and skin.