Sunday, October 18, 2009

The North Atlantic clown fish


I've been putting my technical skills in watercolour to the test today with this little piece.

It started as a demo for the workshop on Saturday.  I was creating a wild abstract background, then printing over it.  This background was created with undiluted acrylic inks then white block printing ink on the capelin over that.  The print didn't come out as crisp as I wanted it and I was going to abandon it.  However, I started to play around with the print.  As its waterbased prining ink, I could fairly easily lift portions of it up but not disturb the acrylic ink layer beneath.

The colours were rich and deep and and the white printers ink became an almost silvery shade over the inks and with some additions of colour.

Thus the North Atlantic clown fish was born.

This one is about 4 x 12 inches on 90lb watercolour paper.


Anonymous said...

love the colours :)

Jennifer Rose said...

love the colours :D it actually looks like you printed on coloured rust, neat effect :)

Gary said...

Aah yes - you always learn something by experimenting - turned out very well. (The flip side i guess is that i have a lot of failure laying around in the studio too - but maybe learned even more from that). Beautiful color and mixed media Jeanette.