Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kisses update and clean up

I haven't had a lot of time tonight to work on this piece, but have added some layers of colour and made a start on the lettering.

I wish now that I'd added an unwrapped or partially unwrapped candy but there's not room on the sheet to do this without it looking strange, so I'll leave that concept for another painting.

I've made a half hearted stab at cleaning up the studio tonight as I can't find anything on my table anymore. The surface is literally covered with things. I regained some more floor space and my drafting table is clear - more or less.  But the table still is a bit littered with stuff.

It was about a year ago that I claimed this space as my studio and looking back it was so clean and tidy then.  Amazing how things build up and collections of supplies and finished work start stacking themselves against furniture and walls.

When I can't walk around easily, I know its time to make a change. What's that saying?  A clean desk is the sign of a boring mind?


sue said...

They're coming along beautifully! And that studio looks great to me. Full of creative activity, as it should be.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

they already look great Jeanette...and I echo Sue on your studio...a busy place!

"JeanneG" said...

I can't believe it has already been a year. But I guess I should as you made that agreement not to buy supplies for a year and I think you were in the studio then. Good job on the candy. How do they taste? Looks like taffy candy. They look tasty but I'm still not well enough to want one. Almost a first for me as I am a sweet eater.

Maree said...

Great candy Jeanette and I just LOVE your studio - looks so familiar!

Jeanette said...

The studio comes and goes in terms of messiness Sue. When I am creating like mad, I totally disregard putting things back where they should go.

Thanks Ronell and you're right, I guess it does indicate production if things are being used.

Jeanne they are taffy like, but softer and more chewable. Not my favourite thing in the world but they're a Newfoundland institution which is why I'm painting them.

Poor you, still sick. Its horrible when a cold or flu knocks you out like that and you can't taste or want to eat. I hope it leaves you soon.

Maree, I think there are many studios that have familiar scenes. Good production sign!

Krista Hasson said...

Nice progress, can't wait to see it finished! I know what you mean about clean up, I just moved into a new space this past April and it is due for a good cleaning :)

Jennifer Rose said...

nice to see the pointillism piece again :)

time sure flies! I do remember seeing photos when you first claimed the space, was neat and tidy. but meh I think an artists studio should be a little cluttered, at least thats what i tell myself when I look at my desk ;p

Teresa Mallen said...

Wow that lettering looks like it would take a very steady hand! Impressive.

And now I know why you have commented that my messy studio doesn't look like your version of a messy studio. You were right! Girl, how do you find stuff? I would knock everything over. Well heck as long as you can keep producing all of that awesome art of yours, it doesn't matter how the studio looks! Just clear a path...

RHCarpenter said...

Beautiful modeling of the shapes on the candies! Really enjoying this one and it makes my mouth water, thinking about the candy, too :) Ah, the beauty of a well-used art room!! There's no getting around the mess if you're working.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Krista. Chaos creeps up on me, especially when I'm engrossed in creating.

Ah yes, the pointillism that never ends Jennifer :)

I make a space now and then and as long as I can find things, that's all that matters.

Teresa, I have a fine liner brush to do the lettering and will crisp up the edges with wc pencil.

There's usually no one but me in my studio and its not large so things do tend to pile up on my worktable at times. Nothing is orderly however, no matter how hard I try! :)

Thanks Rhonda, I'm enjoying creating this piece as well. Had to buy a bag of the darn things to do this piece though. Someone has to eat them...