Monday, November 02, 2009

Kisses update

Time changes screw me up for several days, similar to jet lag, so this morning, even if the clock said 5:30, my body clock said it was 6:30 so I got up and put down the initial layers on one of the pieces of candy that I drew last night.  Because I have to photograph the piece under artificial light, the paper has a yellowish/tan cast to it.  I'm not able to photograph in daylight until weekends as I'm at work all day and its dark either end of the day for a few months yet.

I signed up for the annual portrait swap at WetCanvas and should hear by tomorrow who I will  be painting and who will be painting me.  I joined for the first time last year and ended up doing two portraits, one of which was for someone who thought their initial partner dropped out.

There is a 4 week time limit on the portrait swap with the intention that people receive them in time for the holidays.  Last year, my original partner's piece didn't turn up until this summer!  I know life kicks in for some, but I believe that if you join something where there are specific expectations, you either notify people if problems arise or you don't sign on in the first place.


Jan said...

This is looking good so far, Jeanette. I like paintings of candies/wrappings that make such interesting shapes. I think this is right up your alley so should be a great painting.

Diahn said...

This is looking great, Jeanette! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

I did one of the portrait swaps at WetCanvas a few years back - it was fun, but I had the same trouble as you, waiting for mine to arrive!