Tuesday, December 08, 2009

29 years later

Today marks 29 years since John Lennon was fatally shot outside his apartment in New York City.  There was stunned silence around the world, then outrage, then sadness that one of the world's most talented musicians was silenced forever.

While most people think of Lennon as part of the Beatles and the amazing musician that he was, his first love was art and he did attend art school at the Liverpool  Art Institute for three years (1957-1960). His primary medium was line drawing which became illustrations for three books that he published in the 1960s.  Lennon originally created a portfolio of drawings in 1969 which he entitled "Bag One". These drawings depicted John and Yoko's wedding and honeymoon and he presented them to her as a wedding gift. The Bag One suite represents the only hand signed prints available by John Lennon.

His music lives on.  His art lives on.  Isn't that something we all hope for?  A little piece of ourselves as a legacy to the world.


Anonymous said...

My, doesn't seem like 29 years.....
The more I've pushed my own creativity, the more I notice and respect it in others of varied mediums.

Jeanette, as per last post, you're always teaching me to be more open to trying new things! Thank you!!

Gary said...

I miss John Lennon. It's interesting how many musicians started out in art school in England. Lennon was of course a writer too. I have always been in awe of people who have so many talents.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

My goodness I hadn't realised it was 29 years ago!

Isn't it odd the way that a lot of people at art school also end up playing music? I guess they got the creative gene.