Sunday, January 10, 2010

More portrait update

I've been making slow progress with this portrait, as I have a few other pieces on my plate at the same time.  A couple of commissions, a drawing class to teach next week and I'm busy setting up some watercolours for a series of frozen pieces. 

I've blocked in some background with charcoal and think that I'll use a reductive technique to put the pattern in place, using a kneader eraser.  Or that is the plan so far.  Its interesting to note how the values of everything change once more of the white paper in the background and hair is covered.  Another good reason to complete the background prior to or along with the figure in a drawing or painting.   This image is taken in natural light as well, so is not sepia coloured as the previous drawing appeared.

I've also started on the hair.  Hair with curls is not something I enjoy drawing as it takes time and is complex with its various shapes and values.  I don't know if hair is anyone's favourite thing to draw, but mostly because it is time consuming.  Its one of those things where you just have to grit your teeth and tackle it bit by bit.

For those who listen or watch video podcasts, there are some short tutorials on drawing that I came across including one on hair.  It and others can be found at Drawing Tutorials Online. They can be downloaded onto iPods or listened to/watched online.

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