Friday, January 15, 2010

The Shell Game - Part 1.1


I've been trying to work on the second part of the video demo for the watercolour shell and am being dogged by bad luck with battery failure.   What I thought were good batteries, obviously weren't so the next piece will be short then followed by a longer session later this weekend. 

I've named it Part 1.1 because I wanted a longer piece to show you.  However, things don't always work as we hope, so next time definitely Part II!

Did I mention that technology wasn't my forte??

I am also pleased to say that as of writing this, there have been 12 bids for the print that I put on Ebay last night, with proceeds going to relief funds in Haiti.  I will be donating the final amount to Medecins sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders.

Katherine Tyrrell of Making A Mark wrote a great post yesterday about artists contributing to the Haiti cause in a variety of ways.


RHCarpenter said...

Congratulations on the bidding on eBay and I'm so pleased to see artists doing what they can for the relief effort. I've been waiting for your second installment of the shell will wait for the real second one :) Just one editorial comment, and I hope you don't mind: you had your light source set in a way that you were constantly cutting back and forth through the light, which made it a bit difficult for me to watch this one (I'm prone to migraines when I see any type of flashing lights, strong, dappled sunlight through a car window, etc.). I am enjoying the videos, though, so I hope you do continue with them.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Rhonda. And all comments are welcome. I know the lighting was awful in this piece but the bugs are being worked out and future video should be much better.

My apologies if it affected you badly in anyway.

Robyn said...

You hold your brush so elegantly high, Jeanette. I can do that with chopsticks but I'm afraid I have very bad style when it comes to holding a paintbrush.

So great to hear your voice and share your studio.