Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving ahead and back

I'm frustrated with being unable to get the watercolour/ice mix just right to work on some planned images.  The weather is cold enough, but its just not working for me.  I just end up with sludge.  So I'm leaving that for a bit and concentrating on some more work with the masa paper and this portrait.

Here's another version of the clementine done on the coloured masa.  The shadow took over and I made the mistake of trying to correct it on the paper which then turned to tissue consistency.  But it makes for interesting shapes and lines within the piece.  Its looking like a very old clementine now! Well worth playing with later. For now, I've turned this little piece into a greeting card that will go onto my Etsy store soon as an original and print version.  I used a thinned glue to put the masa onto a black card then rolled it with a brayer to eliminate the wrinkles in the paper.

Its still in early stages of washes so is  looking rather pale.  I don't want to overdo it, but I do want some life in it.  I think I am being too controlled in it. It looks a bit precise right now and I want a looser image, yet still keeping the likeness.


I have a concept for a sheet of masa but will experiment first then show you.  I sometimes rush ahead and like a five year old, throw my work online saying 'look, see what I made!' before its ready.  My first experiments with masa were just that experiments, but I have a better idea now of how it responds and what to do with it to make it respond accordinly.  Its quite strong when dry, but fragile when wet, so once the background colour is in and dried, you can paint on the smooth side but its pretty much a one shot deal, especially if you usually tend to apply lots of layers. 


Megha Chhatbar said...

Water color is not my cup of tea and in that also portrait is really difficult! But you have done it so well! I am amazed!

Color Pencil Drawing-Rajasthani Painting

Chris Beck said...

I once took a workshop using masa paper to create a batik-like painting. We soaked the masa and then laid it on a piece of wool felt and used paper towel to blot off some of the excess water. The wool helped control the wetness of the paper as we painted as I remember. There were some other steps that we took along the way, but I don't remember the sequence exactly. I'll see if I can find the worksheet (did I mention I'm a bit of a packrat?).

Jeanette said...

Thanks Megha. We all like different aspects of art and tend to concentrate on areas that interest us.

Interesting Chris. I would love if you found the worksheet. Every bit of information on this helps.

What I've done is smooth out the wet masa on a drawing board then add pigment. Once dry, I can then paint on the front. The final wrinkles are removed when the piece is mounted on w/c paper. I'm learning as I go, both good and bad! :)

Gambo said...

I just love that orange - so simple and freely painted. Beautiful. Just pressed the follow me button on Twitter - in case you wonder who I am I live in Wales with a Canadian wife and have a keen interest in art.

Jeanette said...

Welcome to the blog Gambo, I shall have to find you as well on Twitter. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my funky orange. :)