Thursday, January 21, 2010

Negative space painting

I don't have a huge number of art books and the ones I do have are technique specific in most cases.  I like some reference manuals around to refresh my brain cells and provide inspiration. I don't have a lot of books because I find that its easy to spend more time reading about art than actually practicing it.

I've been more involved in watercolours lately and I enjoy the challenge of using them and am always looking for additional inspiration and insight into how other artists use the medium.  The tricks of the trade I guess.

I came across The Watercolorist's Answer Book a couple of days ago, while returning a really god-awful watercolour book that I'd bought online.  It rots me that I paid $10 more for it instore than on line, but that's life sometimes.  I have to say that this book is quite good.  Its filled with tips, techniques and solutions for watercolour artists.  From theory into practice, I think it was a good buy and will join my little band of mini advisors on the shelf.

Are you a collector of all and any art books or are you selective about what's in your personal library?

One of the demos in the book was a negative space painting which appealed to me.  I did a little study getting a feel for it and plan on seeing what happens when I translate this to masa paper on a large scale.  Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.

This is a limited palette of phthalo blue, quinacridone gold, yellow ochre and raw sienna.  Salt was added to the wet surface to add texture and interest.


Billie Crain said...

Well done, Jeanette! I really like the palette you used. Painting in the negative can be so tricky. It is for me, at least. If you choose to pursue negative painting please check out Linda Kemp's work on her website. I also have her book. Lots of well written info and pictures.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Billie. I enjoyed the process and watching the patterns appear. This is far from perfection but I like the concept.

I will check out Linda's site, thank you!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Love this. WOnderful, unpredictable, unique. Well painted:-)

Margaret Ryall said...

I seem to use painting in the negative more and more these days. It is a technique that works quite well in my Reading a Garden series. As for buying book- it's my downfall. Over the last two years I've consciously cut back on my "acquisitions" by being very selective. I've also begun to exchange books with artist friends or let them borrow freely.I even have a sign out book. Let's just say my art library is extensive!

Gambo said...

A lovely image Jeanette. Negative spaces are so important to making composition interesting and balanced.
You have done so well raising a fine sum of money for Haiti with 'Purity Kisses'. That was a very kind, humanitarian act.

Manolo López said...

The negative spaces are very important for the design, use as you color spaces has produced a magnificent work

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sandy. its great to play around with it.

Margaret, negative space painting is perfect for plants. It reduces the complexity so much.

Good idea on the personal lending library. :)

Thanks Gambo. And yes the Haiti fundraiser did well I think.

Thank you Manolo.

Gary said...

This is a really cool piece Jeanette. I really like the effects - look forward to seeing what you get on Masa. Most art books I've purchased lately (in the last few years)are collections of watercolors like Northlight's Splash series. Pure inspiration. I've got some technique books around but I hardly ever look at them (probably shows too).

Jeanette said...

Its fun to do Gary. I want to play on a large scale with this now. Masa is drying as we speak.

I get too sidetracked by reading these books instead of painting!

Jennifer Rose said...

I only have a few art books, most of them to do with coloured pencil. When looking at other cp books in stores, they all pretty much were the same and didn't have any new ideas. There are a few I would like to have,that seem to show new ways of figuring something out, but I have found that the most popular cp books by the same people feel like more of a sales pitch to buy what supplies the author is selling, rather then teach someone to use their own head when using cps. :/

very nice piece :) has a very lovely stain glass look to it

Teresa Mallen said...

Lovely piece - love your choice of palette! I don't usually buy art books. I do have a library of cp books but that is so I can keep up with what my students are reading - they often refer to specific authors and techniques.