Saturday, February 27, 2010

Black on black

I think this is nearing completion.  Another session and it should be done.

Getting a scan or photograph of black paper is so difficult.  I will try a photo in daylight tomorrow, however this scan is fairly true to colour, but the values I just can't get quite right.

Once this is finished, I can get back to some projects waiting in the wings and finalize a grant application that is due soon.  The amount of administration and marketing work that butts up against the process of drawing is always amazing and always more time consuming than I anticipate.

Rhonda Carpenter in her blog Watercolor and Words has generously given me  a Sunshine Award.  What could be better than some sunshine in February?  Thank you Rhonda for your generosity.


Jo Castillo said...

Very beautiful. Your latest cats are great. Love the tutorial, too. You are soooo energetic. Inspiration for me.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow! "Black" on black. I love seeing all the color in there. Great capture of this one's personality!

Yes, admin and non-art stuff sure do eat into the creative time. Good luck with all of that so you can get back to the important part!

RHCarpenter said...

I imagine the black on black is giving the camera fits but it looks really good here - dark and mysterious and very beautifully painted/drawn (I've always wondered by colored pencil artists call their work paintings?). Still love returning to the little duckling, too - so cute!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jo. I don't know about energy, I just had a long snooze on the sofa!

Black on black is a challenge Elizabeth, but always fun to see what appears out of the darkness.

Slowly working my way through the administration side of art.

Rhonda, getting a decent image of something on black paper is a nightmare! Paintings, drawings....everyone has their own terminilogy with cp. I always consider them drawings personally, but can run over into the paint-like realm when you add enough layers to give it that look.

Yes, the little duckling is sweet isn't he? I always love hatching them out then I get to play with them.