Friday, February 26, 2010

Duckling tutorial in progress

While I finish off the last cat in the quartet, I still work on other pieces too that drop into my head and need translation onto paper before they disappear.

This is a preview of a tutorial in progress of the drawing of a newly hatched duckling.  Most of my tutorials are designed for beginners.  I enjoy sharing the concepts and techniques of basic drawing that are so essential to those starting out.

It is said that all drawing or painting tutorials must be done by artists and that those artists must have the ability to explain and put technique and theory into words as well as images.   I know I am not perfect but from the feedback that I get, people seem to enjoy creating the pieces based on the information that I provide in the tutorials that I have produced.  And as part of my goals this year was to produce 4 tutorials, this will be the second.  Where, when, and what subject is open to what feedback I receive and requests that people have around their interests.  So if you have a suggestion about what you would like to see drawn or painted as a tutorial, just let me know and I'll do my best to oblige.

The drawing is always the easy part and forcing myself to stop and scan images is a difficult task sometimes.  The little voice inside my head keeps saying 'keep on drawing, you don't want to write!'.  And the write up for the piece can be challenging, especially when switching back and forth between the two tasks.  I usually write in sections as I complete a piece of the drawing.  That way its fresh in my mind and easier to explain.  I spend an hour or two drawing, then work on the explanation of how and why fits in around the scans.


A Brush with Color said...

Your tutorials are a great idea, Jeanette. That duckling is beautiful. You have the softest touch. I should ask you--when you paint, what watercolor brand(s) do you use? I always like your soft palette.

Jeanette said...

They're interesting to do and fun. This was one of the ducklings that I hatched in an incubator here. We raised a load of them and I may do some more again this year.

I use a variety of watercolour paints. Winsor & Newton, Grumbacher and a handful of Daniel Smith thrown in. I think a muted palette seems to just be my style.

vivien said...

absolutely delightful and it looks an excellent tutorial as well :>)

RHCarpenter said...

What a darkling little duckling - he looks so soft. I don't know if you participate in these things, but I've given you the Sunshine Award (see my blog posting from Friday for info). I've broken the rules, though, and you don't need to do anything else but smile and enjoy it - thought you could use some Sunshine in the frozen north :)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Vivien, newborn ducklings (or anythings) are always appealing to me. I hope that I can explain clearly enough so others can recreate something similar.

Rhonda, thank you! You're a sweetheart. And yes smiles and sunshine are always welcome. I will add it to the blog proudly.