Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Arts Map

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Are you on the Arts Map yet?

The Arts Map is a listing of artists and their contact information and the work they produce from across the globe.   If you're travelling and want to check out some new artists or find a workshop, this may be the place to do it. 

You can search the site by name, location and medium to find who is doing what and where.  Google Maps pinpoints the address, making the artist easy to locate. For those uneasy about placing their exact location, you don't have to, but of course the location won't be accurate on the map, just the town that you choose.

There is no charge to sign up and place your dot on the map.  I've created mine here and have the distinction - dubious or not - of being the most easterly in North America at the moment.
The Arts Map is about inclusion, not exclusion. Our goal is to provide a resource which will benefit the entire arts community.

We hope you will create a marker and put yourself, your work, or your organization "on the map."
It is a beta release, meaning that the program is still undergoing some tweaks and upgrades.You can read the FAQs and learn more about the program and decide if you want to join in.  The world of art is all about exposure and networking.  I see the Arts Map as another tool that helps this process.


Jennifer Rose said...

thanks for sharing the link, looks neat :) hmm not many people in Scotland yet, should add myself.

Cathyann said...

Thank you for sharing the info Jeanette!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea, and a potentially great resource! You seem to encounter the most interesting things! Thanks for sharing it.

Jeanette said...

Oh yes, bump up the Scottish contingent Jennifer!

My pleasure Cathyann

Isn't it Tracy? I think it has the makings of a very useful resource. Always my pleasure to share what others may be interested in as well.

Jan said...

Thanks for sharing! Very interesting although I'd want to give it some thought being out here in the boonies. Of course, I guess I could use the closest major town instead of the exact address.

ahmed said...
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kakatiara said...

Thanks for the sharing! I love it! i put it in my blog too, I informed that I took from ur blog as well (http://bucilpacil.blogspot.com)

Thank u again jeanette Jobson :D


ahmed said...

I have visted this site and got lots of information than that of i visited before a month.

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