Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feels like rain

Living on an island, I'm more than familiar with rain, so this drawing is a way of accepting it instead of fighting against it.  Water in all forms holds a fascination for me and I think we all become transfixed by the circles pushing outwards on the water's surface, whether from the impact of a raindrop or a stone thrown.

The initial acrylic study for this piece was posted a couple of days ago and now I'm working on a full sized piece.  This is done on blue Canson paper 19 x 25 using charcoal.  Without a daylight shot, I'm not even trying for the muted blue of the paper.

The subtle differences in the water movement out from the centre where the raindrop hits is challenging.  Even the drawing was intricate and somewhat of a maze that I get lost in as I'm going. It seems I can get enough of punishment in terms of detail, having completed the hundreds of beads in Masai Portrait.  I'm hoping this one won't be quite so detailed.

Stay tuned for updates!  And a short clip of one of my favourite musicians, Maria Muldaur, It Feels Like Rain.  This music keeps me company constantly.


Laureline said...

Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring!

Julie Broom said...

The finished work looks so elegant and simple and yet I know only too well that capturing these ripples can be far from easy. You make such complex subjects look easy. Another great track, I always have my humungous headphones on listening to my favourite tracks when I paint. I bet I'm quite a sight!

Julie Broom said...

Forgot to mention another wonderful rain related song I've listened to to inspire my work, Brandi Carlile's Downpour. Have you heard that one?

Jeanette said...

Thanks Laura.

Its not done yet Julie, still more ripples and subtle shading to go yet.

And no, I haven't heard Downpour, I'll have to find it and listen. THanks.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I have never lost my fascination with water. This drawing of raindrops creating ripples is just phenomenal. It is so beautifully composed and rendered.

Robin Neudorfer said...

I found the charcoal.
I love the water ripple. The blue paper is interesting to work on.