Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starts and stops

 Reef Rats

I prepped a piece of masa to do a batik like piece and I guess I rushed it as the paper tore and didn't adhere well to the watercolour paper either.  I ended up cutting into smaller pieces that I'll use for practice pieces and chalk it up to experience.  Some things just can't be rushed.  So now I have to start that piece all over again.  Frustrating, as the drawing took awhile to complete.

I used one of the smaller cut offs to play around with a little reef fish painting.  This was a reference from this weekends WDE at WetCanvas, hosted by Lisilk.  She has some amazing shots of aquatic life in the Bahamas.

I've got a line up of images in my head waiting to go onto paper.  Its as if they've been waiting to come out once I was feeling better.  So today I started putting down the bones of some on paper and getting ready to add some colour to them or start some shading.  I played around with a tiny study to see if my idea would work.  This will, I hope, turn into a full sheet drawing.  It seems size does matter, at least in the exhibition world, even though some smaller pieces are both quicker to produce and have less expensive price tags to suit more people's budgets for original art.

 Ripple study 4 x 4

I'm nearly at the end of the Masai portrait that I've been working on.  I set it aside today on my burgeoning drawing table.  I so need more room to store pieces.  I need to work on my takeover plan for the room next to me, just to get pieces off the drawing table and into storage.  I have completed works, works in progress, works that are perpetually in progress and lost souls.  All need a home that preserves them but keeps them accessible.

Yeah, I know, it horrifies the purists out there with wonderful storage and filing systems, but nothing is damaging anything else, they're just sitting and waiting.  But it would be nice to have my drawing table back!

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