Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ideas and walks

I have ideas spinning around in my head at the most inopportune moments and I usually try to jot them down in some form so they're not forgotten.   Sometimes an idea takes on a will of its own and insists on being put into a form that ensures it stays in my mind.

I have a vision of a fish skeleton in my head.  I don't know the final form it will take or what media but it has to be done.  I don't know why, but it does.

Now finding or creating a fish skeleton isn't as easy as you'd think.  But to spare you the gory details, lets just say I'm working on one with some help from Mother Nature. (keep fingers crossed).  Meanwhile a rough sketch of a skeletonized fish is what  I've worked out today in charcoal.  With more thumbnail sketches and some time, I'm sure I'll come up with something that matches the vision in my head.

Finally today was warm and sunny and after so much rain and cool temperatures it seemed like a different world.  I did my little tour of the property and the barn as usual and thought I'd share a few images with you.  I find it fascinating that no matter how many times I take the same route around the property, I always find new things to photograph.

The broiler chicks are two weeks old now and growing almost before my eyes. They're starting to feather out and loose their down, but still need heat lamps to keep warm.  They've dug little nests in the sawdust under the lamps and bask in the heat.

Sometimes nature doesn't always succeed.  This junco nest was under a garden chair that was waiting to be thrown out.  The three chicks in the nest had hatched but died.  This nest was built right on the ground even though it had some protection from the elements.  With the cold and rain, I don't know if that was a factor or if the parents got scared off somehow.  Unfortunate that it is, I still marvel at the beauty of the structure and of the little hatchlings.

On the far side of the meadow beside the house a little brook wanders through.  Its mostly runoff from the  land and is usually only full of water after a lot of rain.  I have to go through the trees to find it and its always like finding a surprise in the woods.

Finally, I've added some photographic prints for sale in my Giclees and Prints page.  You can find the link to the page on the top of this page.  These were a couple of black and white photographs that I took in the barn.  The barn is my treasure trove of old and dusty and new and alive.


Gordon Pritchard said...

Do you have salmon runs in the fall?
We do on the wet coast which leaves many skeletons in the rivers. You can see one here:

Jennifer Rose said...

cool :) looks a lot like a fossil

Jeanette said...

Yes Gordon, there are salmon runs, but not on this side of the island. I'd have to go to central or the west coast of the island and do some heavy duty walking most likely to get to the salmon rivers.

Thanks for the link, its a wonderful image.

It does kinda, doesn't it Jennifer?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jennifer; definitely a sense of antiquity about it. I like the change of pace with 'drawing by erasing'.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Can't wait to hear more about the fish skeleton! Do tell!

It's great to go on a tour of your property. I'm so glad things are drying and warming up. You all have really had a long spring!