Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Investment pain

 I've been up to my ears in work and prints and marketing and haven't had a lot of time to do much drawing or painting.

Today I picked up the proofs for three new giclees that I will have available next week.  The pieces that will be printed are Masai Portrait, Koi Pool and Frozen Door to Dawn.  I will have more details on how to purchase them within the next few days.

Then I'll officially be in the poor house for awhile, as besides the giclees I've had additional printing done for a trial run I was lucky enough to have approved by the Historic Sites Association in Newfoundland for their Heritage Shops.  Its a small order to see how reproductions of a couple of  my watercolours sell locally. Purity Kisses and Merry Christmas Hares will be available as 8 x 10 images and single greeting cards in select Heritage shops later this summer.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

I've also had to throw more cash at packaging materials:  backing boards, cellophane sleeves, labels, etc., etc.  I bite the bullet and keep telling myself its an investment in inventory but there's always a twinge of pain involved in parting with larger sums of money in a short time frame.

The high point of investing money in art supplies is my grant from NLAC and the knowledge that I have sufficient funds in it to allow me to purchase lots of yummy new Japanese papers to experiment gyotaku with as well as inks and my prime subject - fish!  That will be one spending spree that I won't have to fret about too much.


Gayle Mason said...

Don't I just know the time and money involved in getting new images ready to sell as prints and cards.
Good luck with the items for the Heritage shops and your new prints, I'm sure they'll be popular.

Sorcha said...

Congrats on getting your prints into the Heritage Shops

Margaret Ryall said...

You're one busy lady. I'm glad to hear your marketing efforts are paying off with an opportunity to sell through the Heritage shops. Good stuff.

Jeanette said...

Yes, I'm sure you know the routine well Gayle. Its always a little difficult doing the initial investments.

Thanks Sorcha. We'll see if it works out there.

I think we're both burning the midnight oil lately Margaret. Marketing is such a large part of art and time consuming too. I'd rather be painting.