Thursday, July 15, 2010

The birth of an art piece

I have ideas for a new piece going around in my head and I like to work out those ideas as studies and little thumbnails, as what's in my head and what comes out on paper usually needs a lot of adjustment.

It usually starts with sketches like the first shown and little notes doodled on any paper that is handy.  It then translates to tracing paper, then to the final form that it will take, whether enlarged, reduced, watercolour, oil, etc.
I rather like a little online drawing tool called Harmony.  Its so handy to quickly sketch out ideas using a mouse which is what I've done here.  I did this in colour then resaved it as a jpeg file then emailed it to myself, as I'd done this at lunchtime.  However, the file mysteriously changed colour and went very  black.  I'm not sure why.  So I redid it and have something similar here.
 I do have a graphic tablet and pen, but just can't be bothered to haul it out so used the mouse to draw this.  The pen would give me a lot more control but the mouse isn't bad for roughing things in.

It can and will change a lot between the initial concept and the final piece.  Some people don't like to work out composition or values or colour and just jump right into a piece.  I guess I'm methodical in some ways by wanting and needing to know my path and what I will take with me on the way.  I like making my mistakes early and learning from them.  Preferably not on an expensive sheet of paper!


Ernest Friedman-Hill said...

Is this a self-portrait?

Jeanette said...

No, I'm not sure of the final model for this yet.

Billie Crain said...

I'm impressed with your mouse skills! The third image is especially appealing. I'd be tempted to print that out on good paper, add a little color and call it done.

Cathy Gatland said...

Its nice to see your thought processes, and the beginnings of a new work Jeanette. I am torn between being spontaneous and having the work evolve on the paper, and working it out to prevent the inevitable and sometimes disastrous mistakes.

Gabe said...

un'abilità da artista in tutti i sensi, complimenti! se vuoi puoi fare un giro da me, ne sarei lusingata vederti fra i miei sostenitori fissi

Jeanette said...

BIllie, I like the 3rd one too. I think this piece will evolve a lot before the final image in fixed in my head and on paper.

I flip back and forth too Cathy. It depends on my plan for the piece. This is going to be a major piece so I want to plan it out carefully before committing it to paper or canvas.

Thank you Gabe, I will be visiting your blog soon.

Cynthia said...

I really enjoyed this post. How interesting that you show us how you work and plan and the last image is very appealing. I really like it.

SKIZO said...



Kerry said...

I'm loving your fish! Thanks for sharing your creative process. I vary my approach to each piece.The technique I'm going to use and time available to do it seem to dictate for me. It's hard to think of anything else once a piece is started and I even dream colours and ideas. Very annoying.