Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little things

Often the smallest things provide the most challenge and the most pleasure. I had been printing some capelin and used one to print onto some rough, hand made paper.  The image here of the print is the pertty much actual size.  Some people surprised to see that capelin are quite small, delicate looking fish, so my past painting at 12 x 36 was a stretch.

I was using some of the Caligo inks that I received today and both reviving some old lino cut plates as well as adding more printed leaves to my collection.  This is Indian paper and measures 3 x 4 inches.  I've been using it to print a little series of leaves from the garden, mostly herb, but some trees as well. 

Today it was marshmallow.  Yes, this is the original marshmallow, a far distant cousin from that sweet, white, spongy confection found in stores.  Marshmallow roots as well as leaves are used to sooth sore throats, as well being quite good for inflammation and used commonly in handmade skin care creams.  I love the leaves, not so much for their form, but texture.  They feel like velvet.  The little white flowers are fairly innocuous but the plant is a keeper in my garden.

These, or something similar, may well make their way into my Etsy store as affordable, original prints.


Diahn said...

I love that capelin, Jeanette - such beautiful color

Cristina Dalla Valentina said...

Very beautiful prints! I love the capelin, have you used the real fish to print on the paper? Your art works are always so ispiring to me, I have found so many useful ideas and ispiration in your blog in these latest months of visiting that I have to tell you: thanks!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Diahn. I love the blues in this too and they were purely accidental being leftovers from red and phalo blue ink left on the palette.

Cristina, thanks so much. Yes, I use the real fish to print with. Each one is entirely different.

I'm pleased that my blog can provide some jumping off points for ideas for you.

RHCarpenter said...

Lovely prints. There is something simple and elegant about these. And who knew little fish could be so beautiful and so full of colors?

jane minter said...

the fish is simple and beautiful jeanette ...wonderful detail with the leave prints you weigh them down ?

Cynnie said...

Such beautiful prints....wonderful..

You just have to follow your kitty around and wait till he is asleep then so that we can have a sweet foto look at him then :)
My cat is the same way....I don´t have very many fotos of him,,,as he RUNS when he sees a camera..what is it with these kitties?
The few half decent shots I do have of him are on my new blog...
here kitty,kitty,,,,,,

Olivia said...

What a subtle paintin! I like this simplicity and also the texture of the paper which has the magnificent sight!