Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog adjustments

 Large mouth bass trio
gyotaku and watercolour   22" x 6"

In the everyday scramble that is called life, we often throw a post or image onto our blogs then forget about them again for a day or two.   The overall look or feel of the blog becomes as important as the content and can entice viewers in or chase them away.

Over the last couple of days I've been tweaking my blog to try to make it easier to navigate and read and have removed and/or changed some elements.   One of the major changes I've made is a move over to Fine Art America for on-demand reproductions and greeting card printing.   FAA is one of the leaders in the field of POD (print on demand) and has the highest traffic levels of the current POD leaders which translates into more visbility for your art and more potential for sales.

Original pieces have moved from Etsy for the moment and reside on their own separate page on this blog.  Its simply easier to track where things are and to avoid confusion.   You can browse the art available for reproductions through the slide show on the right side of the blog.

A sign up button for my newsletter makes it simple to ensure that you get the October copy which is building nicely and will be chock full of reading goodies, with a few Halloween treats thrown in for good measure!   Sign up and try out the next issue of Jeanette Jobson Fine Art.

Guaranteed to please or your money back!  I know, I couldn't resist...

These little largemouth bass were printed onto the left over piece of 200lb watercolour paper from the cut down of another sheet.  I have one more left of these strips and thought that long narrow pieces make good windows into the watery world.


Rose Welty said...

Have you tried the Facebook Shop app with FAA? It was very easy to set up and allows people to buy your cards and prints without leaving Facebook. It was one of the reasons that I recently went over to FAA.

I think your tweaking has created a nice balance of info and art without being crowded!

Hedera said...

Hello Jeanette,

I've just subscribed to your monthly e-newsletter and I'm very much looking forward to the October issue.

Felicity said...

I love the composition here, it really adds to the movement and flow - stunning!

Jeanette said...

I saw that on FAA Rose but haven't explored it yet. It sounds useful, I will check it out.

Hedera, thank you, the October newsletter should be sent out on the 15th.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Felicity. The long thin compositions hold interest for me. Trying to find the right mix can be challenging in a small space.