Thursday, September 30, 2010

Asterias vulgaris

I seem to have an endless supply of long narrow strips of watercolour paper from cutting down full sheets to sizes I want to fit into frames.

As a result, I'm using the left over pieces as little slices of printed ocean or lake life.  This is a section of the third piece with is a little more narrow - 4 x 22 approximately.  A series of these hung as a stack on the wall could be quite interesting.

The addition of watercolour and sand creates an almost abstract piece for these sea stars.  This started with a print of a Boreal Asterias sea star, which is common in the waters around the province and starts life as a pale purple colour drying to a sand colour.  I have been lucky to access more sea stars of different varieties, one with six legs that is very red and another with nine legs.   Sea stars or starfish as they are commonly known are amazingly aggressive in their habitat of the sea floor and can decimate sea urchin and mussel populations.


Ann said...

I could definitely see these as a grouping. Wonderful!

D.D said...

It's so brilliantly captured. Wonderful work.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Ann. The colours and shapes seem to work well and I'm beginning to think they all need to be together to have impact.

DD, thanks so much. There's something appealing about having a looseness and texture in a painting.