Monday, October 04, 2010

Catching up

Its been a crazy busy few days and only now do I have time to grab a few minutes and catch up on some art.  I had some long days at work that stretched into the weekend which is usually my time to get some serious art done.  Then a farmer's market on Sunday took up the rest of my weekend and time just slips away.

Its so easy to get behind when you have a schedule laid out.  And at the moment when it is laid out with precision is the exact moment when everything else goes crazy.  Life does it to test my stamina limits I'm sure!

When I have little time, sketches keep me going and these quick ones of Tripod are little thumbnails for potential paintings in the future.  Now if someone can help me understand why Blogger keeps flipping my images...sigh.

As an October treat, I'm offering the chance to win an original reproduction of 'Middle Cove Fog' to those who have signed up to receive my newsletter Jeanette Jobson Fine Art.  I will draw a name from the new subscribers who have signed up since my last newsletter in September.   October 31st is the draw date.  I will notify the winner by email and the winner's name will be announced in the November newsletter.

Sign up now and have a chance to win !  The October newsletter will be out on the 15th of this month and will include an interview with the talented alla prima artist Jonathan Aller.  (I have one of his oil paintings and it is exquisite)

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r garriott said...

Lovely sketches! What a nice line you have.

Hedera said...

I'm so glad to see that you've been able to rotate your second pic of Tripod - lovely little snapshot sketches!