Thursday, October 07, 2010

Playing dress up huh?

This isn't Tripod's buddy because Tripod has no animal friends.  In fact, he really, really, really dislikes all other animals and usually tries to attack them, especially dogs.  He's not too fond of other cats either.  Or rabbits.  Or mice.  Or squirrels. I saw him sizing up a horse and looking a little perplexed the other day, no doubt wondering what the best angle of attack would be.

No, this cat is a study for another piece that may turn into a Christmas card or something seasonal.  The cat has been dressed up and has that look that says 'Take this off me now or something unusual will happen to your shoes while you are sleeping tonight.'  You know the look if you have a cat.  Dogs tolerate humanizing much more than cats do.  Dogs usually associate dressing up with going out or food or fun.

Cats take it all very personally and plot your downfall while you think they are just lounging.


John said...

You have captured "that look" just purfectly. :-)

Every try those little bow ties? My guys are ripping them off before I can push the shutter button!

Paula Pertile said...

Oh yes, I know this look! Adornments of any kind are very undignified from a kitty point of view. Like you say, dogs are usually game. This is why you never see cats out trick-or-treating. :~) (ooh, I just gave myself an idea for an illustration ... )

Paula Pertile said...

I forgot to say that I like your drawing! Sorry.
I like your drawing!

Billie Crain said...

LOL! You certainly captured Tripod's utter disgust.

sue said...

Haha .... I am 'catless' at the moment but do know that expression sooo well!!

Well captured

Jeanette said...

Thanks John. I don't try anyone on my cat, he'd eat me alive if I did. Well, once he did wear a santa hat briefly and begrudgingly. I think he still holds it against me. :)

Cats trick or treating...oh yes in your hands Paula that could be very interesting.

The look is there Billie, but its not Tripod, its another cat. Tripod would be murderous and showing teeth if he was the subject!

Isn't it classic Sue? Anyone who's ever had a cat knows this look at some point.

vivien said...

great cattitude in both :>)

and yes, cats have far too much dignity for dressing up

A Brush with Color said...

too funny--these are marvelous. Cats have such personalities. You always do such a great job with animals.

RHCarpenter said...

Love the look! Something akin to what you get with a teenage girl when she says, "WhatEVER!!"