Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Something long and slinky

No, nothing exotic.  Well, I guess it would depend on your definition of exotic.  This is the start of an oil painting of a jelly fish.  The piece is on gallery canvas 12 x 36 using oils.  Suitably long and slinky for the subject matter.

I love seeing jelly fish in the ocean as they bob along next to the boat or drift past as you sit on a rock at the ocean's edge.  Sometimes I find them on the beach, a shining, transparent blob that is transformed into light, elegance and lace in the water.  I'm still wary of them however, as their sting can be quite painful and long lasting.

One of the jelly fish found in Newfoundland waters is the Moon jelly fish.  They look as if someone has drawn them in the water a bit like wonky space craft. I have another painting in my head for the moon jellyfish, but that will have to wait awhile.  This jelly fish?  Well I'm not sure of its species or origins quite yet.  Perhaps a cross between a Lion's Mane and my imagination.  Time will tell.


Jennifer Rose said...

you have done a good job getting that glow that jelly fish can have painted on the canvas :)

you have to watch with one of the beaches we go to when the tide is going out as there can be dozens of jellyfish left on the beach and they are not the best thing to step on

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jennifer, I have a long ways to go on it yet but its heading in the right direction.

Yes, you can find them occasionally on the beaches here too. They still sting!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

This is looking so exciting! I'll watch the progression with interest. I love jellies.

Bonny said...

Very nice work, Jeanette!

Rob and I were at a photography workshop weekend a couple of weeks ago. One afternoon we heade out to a nearby beach in the drizzle and there were really a lot of jelly fish stranded on the beach. They went flat looking, almost like stepping stones. They had turned a tranluscent brownish red.

I definitely like your depiction a lot better!!!

jane minter said...

beautiful colours and long graceful format ...they are exotic i love watching them when we see them from the boat .