Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New experiment

After some input yesterday and some further tweaking, the new logo is now complete as you can see from the header of the blog.  I'm excited that I now have something that represents me as an artist and hopefully will be timeless enough to last well into the future.

Now comes the task of using that logo or brand to create some marketing materials with it.  I have a number of ideas in mind in addition to the usual business cards, but I'm starting small and keeping costs at reasonable levels right now.

I've been working on a new piece that involves gyotaku loosely, but in a very new medium for me. I've used molding paste on canvas and impressed it with fish bones, crushed shell and sand and overlaid with washes of colour.  Now a gel transfer (keep your fingers crossed that it works) will be applied tomorrow if it dries.  Its feeling more like a piece of sculpture than a painting and I'm quite enjoying creating it, whether it turns out well or not.

This image isn't the final piece and shows the basic background and colours, along with some seaside 'bits' that I am experimenting with for possible inclusion.  Who knows where it will end up yet.  The piece is small - just 6 x 12 - as I wanted to use it as a test piece to see the new mediums would work.


Ernest Friedman-Hill said...

I love the palette you've chosen for this -- it's pitch perfect. I actually saw a piece at least conceptually similar to this at a show just last weekend, but the colors were garish and that ruined it for me. I think you're on the right track!

lara said...

So interesting... come on

Margaret Ryall said...

Love this piece and I think your previous post and your new banner is excellent. You've really thought this through.

Jeanette said...

Ernest, I wanted to use earthy/water/beach found colours in this and didn't want the solidity of oils or acrylics for this. This is why I chose washes of watercolour as they still let the white of the molding paste come through and the seep into cracks and crevices creating darker areas.

Lara, thank you. It really is a new experience working with paste and gels but very interesting. Heaven knows where it will end up!

Margaret, I think I'm becoming obsessed with this piece and rearranging potential elements. Or I wake up at night and think of something new to try with it.

Yes, it was time for a logo and hopefully it is the right one. I think so. Its simple enough and generic enough to serve me into the future.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Jeanette, your logo is very classic! Congratulations.
Your new experimental piece is very exciting- I am really looking forward to seeing the finished results.

RHCarpenter said...

I go away for 9 days and things change - imagine that! ha ha I loved coming over and catching up on what you've been doing - and those colors make me think of the colors in the sulfur pools at Yellowstone - golds, browns, oranges (these colors are produced in the coolest temperatures of the pools while while the blues are the hottest temperatures).

Jeanette said...

Thanks Christiane. I keep getting more and more ideas around this piece and have added a gyotaku smelt to it now. It could be never ending!

Rhonda, you know you can turn your back for a second around here or something changes! :)

I haven't seen Yellowstone, so look forward to any photos you share from your trip there. The pools sound amazing.

Lolli072 said...

New logo looks great Jeanette! :D

jane minter said...

will come back and see where this experiment takes you jeanette ..your new logo looks excellent .