Friday, September 03, 2010

Weekly painter

And an update of the completion of this little painting.

This piece is available for purchase on my 'Under $50' page of this blog.  Just click on the link at the top of the page to find it.

I hope to produce at least one or more 5 x 7 paintings each week to add to my general body of work for sale.  I don't dare move to a daily painter mode as I know it would be the downfall of me with so many other things on my plate right now.  So right now I'll be the Weekly Painter or perhaps Bi-Weekly Painter.

I pulled out some oils tonight and did the start of a  view of Rennies Mill River that wends its ways through the city before emptying into Quidi Vidi Lake.  Right now its not much more than base values on canvas but the bed is calling me and tomorrow I'll finish it off and move on with other projects. I had done this view in pastel in July but I liked the lighting and view and wanted to see how it would take to oils.   

I'm considering a starting a newsletter, but I want to consider it carefully to ensure that it has longevity, readability and readership before I invent time and resources into producing a professional HTML version.  I know I had discussed this previously and at that time I was not at a time or place where it was possible for me to use that tool.  I think now I'm moving into a space where I think that I can and that it will be useful to provide a wider audience for my work.   Watch this space for more details...


Anonymous said...

Good for you Jeanette. I too need to pull out work that needs a touch here or there.
I also want to recommend Constant Contact. It is a great newsletter, and worth the expense. Very easy to use and the support is wonderful.

annie said...

Today is Saturday, Jeanette, and I read that the hurricane has hit in your area. I hope you and family and friends are okay.

Jeanette said...

There are always paintings to tweak it seems Robin. I had just discovered Constant Contact, so thanks for recommending it. I haven't used it yet, just browsed around it a bit. It looks quite comprehensive.

Annie, thanks for thinking of me. Earl seems to be further west and won't affect the section of the island that I'm on, except for some showers and wind tomorrow perhaps. We got off lucky.