Thursday, December 23, 2010

Red fish

I was up early this morning working on a pair of red fish or ocean perch.  The paper they're printed on is mulberry with sizing on one side which makes it easier to apply watercolour without fear of having it bleed too much.  It makes painting so much quicker than painstakingly painting almost dry pigment onto paper and using peach tree glue to slow the bleed.

This is a transition and a bit of an experiment for me with this piece.  I have added colour to the original print, then crumpled the paper and washed it with mixes of turquoise, cerulean blue and ultramarine turquoise.  The paint catches where the sizing is cracked, giving darker lines and a batik appearance.  I am going to try adding another element with melted wax, the true batik technique tomorrow if I have time.

And speaking of tomorrow, I know I was scheduled to do a Christmas gift giving extraganza of seven days starting on Christmas Eve.  I have decided to postpone this til later in the New Year, as my plate is pretty full right now and I need a little breather to catch up with myself.  So bear with me and thanks for your patience.