Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have this last (maybe) snowperson helping me untangle Christmas lights.  How do they get so confused just sitting in a box over the space of a year??

The wind and rain lashes against the studio window as a wild storm rages tonight and into the next day or two.  Better rain than snow I think, even if the snowperson disagrees.

I've also been doing a little study of BD, my favourite duck.  BD, if you didn't know, stands for Big Duck.  Not too imaginative for a name but after 10 years he's used to it and so am I.  And he is big. More turkey or goose size than duck.  He's a Muscovy duck that doesn't quack but sort of hisses and pants.  He's quite sweet if not a little unusual looking to many people.  I'll try a portrait of him in oils or acrylics soon.  The Other One says that when I do portraits of animals on the farm it tends to signal their demise.  I hope not in this case.


Jennifer Rose said...

i hope no too! would love to see a portrait of BD but not if it might be a bad omen

Jean Spitzer said...

Oh, I know what he means. I've gotten that feeling myself after drawing animals, but many do just naturally have shorter, more dangerous lives.

Lovely paintings.

RHCarpenter said...

I hope BD is around a long time to model for you. And the snowman is charming - perhaps tangle faeries get in the boxes and wrap them all around just for fun?

Natalie Brooke said...

I just found your blog now - I love your painting, theyre soo beautiful! I added you to my Canadian Bloggers list :) http://nataliebrooke.wordpress.com/fellow-canadians/ Merry Christmas!

Jeanette said...

I think I'll be working on that portrait soon Jennifer.

That is true,but this is my favourite guy. Silly when I say its a duck, but he's special. And unfortunately very old in duck years.

Funny how those lights get all knotted up isn't it Rhonda? Tangle fairies...yes...that's it..

Natalie, thank you and welcome to the blog. I'll be sure to check out yours, its always great to connect with other Canadian artists.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

BD looks a cutie to me.

Merry Christmas Jeanette, wishing you a prosperous and very happy 2011.

Jeanette said...

He's different Lisa. :) But a wonderful character. He doesn't like water or sun on him directly. He eats mice and is as slow moving as a snail.

Merry Christmas Lisa, I hope 2011 will be good to us both.

Pat said...

Love the snowmen and the study of BD. xx