Friday, February 11, 2011

Duck retirement home

BD, the Muscovy duck is in his old age now and living life well in the barn, with his relatively new friend, Lucky, the Pekin duck.

They've both seen their fair share of problems in their lifetimes and stick together like glue.  Lucky, so named because he survived attacks by mink, fox and an owl, loved to explore outside, but BD is very slow and arthritic and doesn't like to stray far from the barn door.  Lucky patiently waits by his side, never wandering off more than a few feet.

BD is old in duck years - into his 10th year now, even though it seems some ducks can live til they're 20.  I hope he does live that long and more.  Even though he's just a duck, he's my favourite guy.  I mean, who could resist those pale blue eyes?


Pat said...

Long life to BD.
You made an excellent painting of him xx

Hedera said...

How lovely that they are companions and I completely understand your fondness for them. A lovely little potrait full of personality...