Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Speckled trout

I'm on the home stretch for this gyotaku project and have purchased some interesting Japanese papers for the workshop next month.  There are so many kinds of papers, a fortune could be spent on them and it seems a bit like that at times!  However, as always, I have champagne tastes and beer money.  It seems whatever I'm drawn to or like using, ends up being the most expensive paper.  But I'm trying for middle of the range in pricing, with a few more expensive pieces included, as they do perform very well.

Tonight I've been working on a speckled trout.  The colour of this little fish is spectacular and I love using the very thin tissues to get a print from the trout.  I like seeing them appear under the paper, as if by magic, then the revealed print as I hold my breath and hope that it worked.  Its all magic.

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