Monday, March 28, 2011


Busyness and business and a rut keeps me away from painting these last couple of days.  The opposite of the Midas touch turns everything to mud instead of gold. Part of the problem is the aftermath of the fall on some icy steps last week.  My wrist still isn't right and now bound up with a support that does help but makes it a little awkward to write and paint for any length of time.

I came home to a bag full of boxes of Peeps of different colours which I thought might inspire me. These marshmallow Easter sweets are disgusting to me.  Amusing to draw or paint, but you could not pay me enough money to eat one of them.  Its more a texture thing I think.  I hate spongy, marshmallowy stuff.  I shudder when I have to pass marshmallows in the supermarket aisle, even the smell is offputting to me.  Cotton wool balls have a similar effect.  Not that I eat them, but touching cotton wool gives me the creeps.

However,  I started a little drawing while watching the news but didn't progress much further than that.  I think this was the misfits box of Peeps as one was twisted to one side, looking as if he was going to make a break for freedom at any moment.  Perhaps it was a Friday afternoon box.  It was funny as I had just seen some on Rhonda Carpenter's blog Watercolour and Words and had also unearthed a package of them in the studio last week, left overs from last year. Hard as a rock, but still perfectly intact.  You never know, maybe they'd taste better when all dried out...sort of like crispy meringue.  Peeps are meant to be.  But not tonight.

I've come to accept the highs of lows that come with the act of creating art.  Well perhaps not quite accept, but simply go with the flow.  I know inspiration will return.  Peeps and all.


Margaret Ryall said...

Sorry to hear that you has a fall. It doesn't take much to put me off my game with art. I always find you are so focused and productive. It is comforting to me to know that I'm not the only one who has ups and downs in the studio.

Wooden popsicle sticks give me the creeps. What a good idea for a series- sversions.

Jeanette said...

I find that any illness or injury knocks inspiration out of the park for me Margaret. And sometimes for no particular reason just nothing comes. Its as if my head is full of clouds. But it does pass.

You know, come to think of it, wooden popsicle sticks, after you've eaten the popsicle, are a bit creepy too. Oh yes a series on aversions! Could be like therapy. :)

RH Carpenter said...

That one on the end looks like she's gotten her knickers in a twist!! I like this, Jeanette, and hope you do more. Aversions? So many to choose from!!! ha ha

Jennifer Rose said...

i love peeps :D wish you could get them here. they can sometimes taste better hard, a lot of people prefer them that way.

really hope the wrist heals up soon. always a pain when the support for something like that gets in the way. sometimes have to learn a new way of drawing because of it

Jeanette said...

Definitely a Friday afternoon job on that one Rhonda! :) I have boxes of the horrible things so have to do something with them now I guess.

Jennifer, I'd happily send them your way but they might be a bit mangled by the time I get through manhandling them. :)

The wrist is still a pain on several levels.