Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gyotaku workshop

I had the pleasure of delivering a gyotaku workshop to 13 hardworking individuals on Saturday at the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft Art and Design.  The Centre is a hub of creativity in downtown St. John's as well as a historic building.  Built in 1849 as the British Bank of North America, the building at 278 Duckworth Street was Newfoundland’s first bank building and is now designated as a national historic site.

The day long workshop gave a lot of information in what always seems to be too short a time frame, as workshops fly by.  The group was so hard working and prints were flying off paper.  The amount of information really is too much for one day and in future I will break it down into two days, one for print making and the other for the additional techniques of colour and mounting.

Here are some images from the workshop and as you can see it was heads down and working hard all day.  Many thanks to everyone who attended.  For me, workshops are a two way street for learning.  I learn as much from those who attend as from what information I provide.  Thank you everyone!


Lydie said...

Many women at this stage, and all very hardworking. Thank you for the pictures

Lori-Lee Thomas said...

Awww MAN! I wish I could have gone! I would have loved to try my hand at this (And see Misses Lumpfish again! Hehee!)

Looks like it was a success! Congrats Jeanette! :-)

Billie Crain said...

Congrats on the success of the workshop, Jeanette. Wish I could've been there.:(

Jennifer Rose said...

glad it went well :D lots of busy working people :)

Jeanette said...

Funny how there are so few men that attend workshops isn't there Lydie?

Miss Lumpfish sends her regards Lori. :) I wish you could have been there too, you would have enjoyed it I'm sure.

Do send me your new mailing address so I can send you a print as a little thank you please.

Thanks Billie, you're just going to have to move closer to me or vice versa!

Oh they worked very hard Jennifer. Talk about dedication. Very impressive work too.

jane minter said...

glad your workshop as a success jeanette ...can imagine you will do 2 workshop next time ..i'd love to try this .