Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The watching window

There is something about derelict buildings that draws me.  Peeling paint, cracked windows, glimpses into the past life of strangers amongst overgrown gardens and rusting mail boxes.

I came across this house in a narrow road near the sea.  An elderly man had lived there, died there and with no family, no one knew what to do with the house I was told.  So it sits.  Silently watching the ocean, waiting for the man to return or for nature to reclaim it.

This window faces the sea. Peeling paint on an old fashioned storm window, the type that is screwed onto the frame, is slowly letting the world in instead of keeping it out.

I need to paint this.


suzanneberry said...

stark, moody yet beautiful.

Jennifer Rose said...

i love old abandon places :) i really like finding out the history of a place and why the building was abandoned. some of these old houses seem to take on their own personalities over time :)

Sue Pownall said...

oh one for me to draw!!!

Congrats on the workshop.

Love the latest photos, I can really see a painting from you based on the top one.

Anonymous said...

The window is an eye into the soul of the building, or an eye on the world. I would want to paint it too.

Chris said...

I saw an exhibit in DC once of drawn windows very much like this one-very intriguing. I think "threadspider" says it well. Look forward to the painting.