Friday, June 03, 2011

Caustic reflections

At last back in the studio and trying to take up where I left off on a painting I had started about 10 days ago.  Its easy to get out of the discipline of daily drawing and painting and it can easily be the death of an artist.  I did sketch while I was away, but its not the same as getting my teeth into something more substantial.  Of course then, faced with the 'something more substantial' its a bit of a challenge to wrap my mind around it, but here I am again, brush in hand figuring out where to go next.

The concept for this painting is the hull of a boat with the reflected light from the water.  These lines of light are called caustic reflections ,which are reflected light from the undulating surface of water.  The multiple movements of the water surface breaks the reflections into the lines commonly seen on boat hulls or docks.  The same reflections occur with many reflections in shallow water and on metal surfaces.

This painting is in acrylic on a 30 x 40 gallery canvas.  I'm working on getting the canvas covered in first layers and putting loose values and placement of shapes right now. It looks more like a landscape at this stage I think and I am always a bit hesitant about posting such an early stage of the painting.  Its so different from the vision in my head but all part of the process.  Lots to do on it yet and hopefully some time this weekend to make progress.


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very calming piece right now :) the colours are gorgeous