Saturday, June 04, 2011

Drawing Day 2011

I knew today was Drawing Day and I did want to make some time to create something.  The day was very busy so it wasn't until late this afternoon before I could.

This is a pen and ink piece of a small river close by, done with Kohinoor Nexus Studio pens in a Daler Rowney recycled sketchbook.  I was out on several errands and again to take some photos and decided to stop along the way to make time for this.

One of my stops, as usual, was Middle Cove beach and after wandering the beach for awhile I spotted this harp seal basking on an outcrop of rock near the shoreline.  The seal blends so well with the kelp and rock I hadn't noticed it at first.  Aside from raising its head now and then to check for intruders, it enjoyed its land nap in the warm sunshine.  Click the image to see the larger version.


Benco said...

I like the way you've used colour in this, I've tinkered with a similar technique using coloured pencils but not used it in anger yet.
Your drawing inspires me to experiment more in that way.

Jeanette said...

Benco, experimenting leads to wonderful results. And use of non traditional colours for scenes will always work as long as your values are correct.