Monday, June 06, 2011

Glazes and lines

A few more glazes of blues.  A few more tracery lines of reflection and its starting to come together.

The ease of going larger fuels a need to go even larger.  To search for a new canvas tomorrow I think...and a name for this piece too.


Jonathan "Blade" Manning said...

I love these kinds of intimate paintings, Jeanette. I think you're doing a great job with it.

Jeanette said...

Thanks so much Blade, your encouragement is appreciated.

Lydie said...

What a strange blue world, I love this !

Jennifer Rose said...

the piece does shimmer and glow :)

since the last painting I did, I want to paint bigger but would have to make the canvas myself to do so lol hmmm but that just means the only thing stopping the size I make it, is whats the biggest size of loose canvas can i get. hmmm canvas the size of the walls of the house or bigger?

suzanneberry said...

this is amazing!

Jeanette said...

Its got a foot in realism and one in abstraction Lydie.

That's just the effect I want Jennifer.

I haven't stretched my own canvas, more trouble than its worth, especially if a large one. I can get up to about a 60" canvas locally, but I'm not sure if I want to go that big. Space is the issue, a buyer the other!

Thanks Suzanne, its eliciting all sorts of visions from others which is great. Everyone sees something different in it.