Saturday, June 11, 2011

Memory painting

Heavy rain and strange dreams woke me at 5am so I found myself in the studio early again.  I wasn't awake enough to concentrate on the final lines of reflected light on my current painting, so I played around with a little painting from memory.

Memory is a tricky thing depending on what you're painting.  If it is something that needs accuracy, such as a portrait, its extremely difficult to rely on memory to produce detail.  For something that isn't as bound to detail such as landscapes or seascapes, there's more leeway.

I worked on a brooding image of sky and sea and just played around with it til it looked right to me.  There's still lots of room for layers and it may be fun to do a large piece that is similar with more dramatic lighting, but for now this is it.

 Its painted in acrylic and is 5" x 7" on canvas panel.   I need to access some masonite panels or smoother surface for the glazing, scumbling technique that I've used on this piece.  While I don't really mind the texture of the canvas showing through, I'd like to see what a smooth surface provides for the same process.

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Jennifer Rose said...

really nice stormy looking piece :)