Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pea soup

The summer of 2011 has been a complete and utter washout.

In the last 70 days, there have been 10 only in which is has not rained.  In August so far, it has rained at some point every day with no sun.  And there is no warmth to it either.  The high today?  13C.  Not exactly balmy.

Now I know I shouldn't complain as other parts of North America are sweltering under a blisteringly hot sun.  But come on weather, just a little heat and a little sun, even one day a week?  Please??

So, given lemons - or in this case fog - I will paint the world as I see it today. Shrouded in low lying cloud, misty, damp and cool.  Actually, I rather like fog.  It gives a sense of mystery to the world and softens outlines and colours.   This is the hazy view of the meadow in today's dense fog - and driving home it was dense, the original 'pea soup' fog, as I've always heard it named when it closes in low and thick.  The term actually referred to a thick yellowish smog that was prevalent in London and caused by the burning of soft coal from industry and thousands of home chimneys.  Being a British colony until 1949, the term translated to Newfoundland and referred more to sea fog, as there is little if any pollution here.

This is painted in oils on an 8 x 8" gallery canvas.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

What a beautiful painting. You've captured the pearlescent haze of sea fog perfectly. We don't really get them so much here but I remember the really thick ones in Jersey. It used to make walking the dogs a lot of fun as they would just disappear. It's strange what it does to sound too as you walk through the thinner and thicker pockets. I hope your weekend is clearer for your painting trip - hav a good one.

vivien said...

wonderful Jeanette

We used to get thick fogs in Cornwall when I was a child that shifted - one moment you could barely see a yard or two and then further, then barely see your hand outstretched. I've always liked mist and fog too.

Jeanette said...

Fog does give all kinds of possibilities for painting and drawing. I have a large charcoal in mind for one now. Yes, the sound is muffled in fog too, its quite odd.

Thanks Vivien. Fog seems a permanent fixture this year and here again this morning. I keep seeing vistas on my drive to work but don't have time to stop and photograph all that I want. Perhaps this evening if the fog still holds.

Anonymous said...

Love the atmosphere in this one. So often I'm attracted to vivid cast shadow shapes, but this is wonderful!

loriann said...

Exquisite! It goes on my top ten list of favorite paintings of the year. What delightful soft mystery!

Gary L. Everest said...

Good Morning Jeanette,
Beautiful work. It's hard to believe it's so small. Great sense of space, even with the fog-reduced visibility.
I agree with your enjoyment, as it were, of foggy days. Fog can make a "normal" day exciting and mysterious.
You need a short vacation to Portland! We're having about a sunny, but comfortable a summer as one could hope for. One of the reasons we moved to Portland, was to escape the oppressive heat and humidity of east Tennessee. The Pacific Northwest has met, and exceeded all of our goals, weather-wise.
Of course, our pending move to Hawaii begs the question, why move?
I guess it's simply because we are vagabonds chasing the "grass is greener" dream and Hawaii is a powerful dream magnet.
Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the sun will finally shine upon Newfoundland, at least a few times before winter.
Have a great weekend.

Jeanette said...

Tracy, painting fog is quite unique. Finding the happy medium between values, but with no strong demarcation of where something starts or finishes is so interesting.

Loriann, thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it. I think I'll be a fog expert by the time this year is out. :)

Gary, thanks. I'm not a sun worshipper, but I need heat. Rather like a lizard needing a hot rock :) This unusual summer has people almost suicidal and so so cranky. However, hope is in sight for a pleasant weekend and......sunshine!

Portland is likely similar to Vancouver weatherwise. Nothing too extreme in the seasons. However, Hawaii...what's not to like?

Sue Pownall said...

This is a beautiful representation of such horrible weather. Very atmospheric!