Sunday, August 07, 2011

Recycling water

 I'm in recycling mode again and pulled out an old canvas to use.  It had a light/dark base on it and I didn't give it a base coat of gesso before starting this painting so the initial coverage isn't complete and I see the demarcation line dividing the previous painting's colours.  Also another painting was resting against this canvas and there is a slight indentation.  However, these things should resolve themselves, otherwise it becomes a study!

The weather this summer has been beyond miserable.  It has to be the coldest, windiest, wettest summer on record with day after day after day of relentless grey.  So I decided one way to beat it was to create some tropical looking water so I could at least pretend it was warm.

This will be a view of a lovely turquoise sea with the sunlight rippling across the sand on the shallow bottom, stretching out into deeper water.   This is the start of the piece in oils, 14 x 18" I think - I didn't measure it - on gallery canvas.


Anonymous said...

You know, this makes a beautiful abstract as it is, too. Gives me a peaceful, easy feeling....

(You're so good @ reusing and recycling your materials!)

suzanneberry said...

this is incredible! absolutely LOVE this!

Jennifer Rose said...

the weather has been really odd here, lots of rain the last few weeks :/ and not much sun :/

very nice job with this painting :D the streaks of light are really realistic :)

Jeanette said...

Tracy, it does have a real abstract feeling to it, doesn't it? To me, there's something so peaceful about water and these colours, glad you feel that too.

I can't bear to trash canvasses and will always try to reuse them if possible.

Suzanne, you're such a wonderful supporter, thank you! I think the piece has potential, just need to work on the layers for awhile.

Its grim here this summer Jennifer. People are either murderous or suicidal at this point :) The constant grey, damp cool days are getting depressing. So this tropical feel is my antidote! I hope it will pull together and have some more depth soon.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
I love this, so far, and am eager to see what it ends up like.
I understand your feelings about this summer. Here, in Portland, we began to think summer would never arrive this year. Luckily, when it did, it has been just about perfect; Comfortable temperatures and abundant sunshine. It just took it's time getting here!
With respect to your feelings about the chilly and gray, rainy days...our winters, the last two, in particular, have been excessively long which has prompted my wife and I to relocate to Hawaii in the spring of 2013. As much as we love Portland, the long, rainy winters have finally gotten to us. Never thought it would happen, but it has, so we decided "what the heck", let's live the ultimate dream and move west, REALLY FAR WEST! I'll let you know if our resolve waivers, however, ending our days in paradise is most appealing.

Jeanette said...

The only part of this painting I'm regretting is not gessoing the canvas before starting over with a new piece. But I'll see how it goes. I use lots of thin layers so don't have gobs of paint to cover up any suspect areas. :)

Hawaii. Sigh. I think that is superb idea on many levels.

We have been considering where our last move can take us. Somewhere with distinct seasons and summer and no snow and cold in winter. I've fallen on ice a couple of times over the last few years and its a matter of time before something more serious is the result.

I hope your resolve doesn't waiver.

debwardart said...

Remember, one person's trash is another's treasure - I envy your cool weather (even gray) since we have been living in a blast furnace all summer - just now some relief!
As for this painting, I know you will bring out a beautiful water scene I'm looking forward to seeing. So what if it's a study? You will be learning something from the experience!

Jeanette said...

Very true Deb. I shouldn't complain, should I? But it 'is' supposed to be summer so it should at least be warmish, right?

Study or not, you're right, its all in the creation and learning experience.

RH Carpenter said...

This one definitely has the look of snorkeling in the Bahamas - that white sandy bottom and the sun filtering down...beautiful already! Ah, I envy you - time to trade houses for a month? We are living in 95F+ temps every single day (until today when it got below 90F but it's still muggy and humid and - well, I guess there's always something we want more than what we have!).