Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dabs of paint

A pale self-portrait looked out of the mirror with the serious eyes of all self-portraits.  Vladimir Nabokov

A few more dabs of paint while I experiment with a looser style and a simply laying down of colour as opposed to blending paint.  Pointillism to a degree, but larger.  There is no perfection here and none is strived for.  Its painting, pure and simple.  Thinking has been banned.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
No thinking? I don't believe you're capable of such a thing. It's too great a violation of your spirit and soul. How can you turn that off?
But, enough of my psycho-babble. What I really wanted to say was how much I love that "Mona Lisa" smile you've captured here. It's the term I often used with subjects who didn't always understand the look I was trying to capture in the photo which would later become their portrait.
You've nailed it and achieved that magical look of a truly gentle (and a bit mysterious) feminine soul. Your, "About Me", photo is another good example. In the painting, this effect is balanced nicely by your eyes which look right through me.
With this work, Jeanette, I believe you've found that which you are seeking in your art.

Jeanette said...

Gary, yes, you're right, there's always some thinking that goes along with creating. I try to push it to the back lately and see if it makes anything change.

The Mona Lisa smile must be my trademark. It keeps everyone guessing. :)

As for the painting, well like most, I fight with shape and colour and the photography which turns what I see into something that looks as if it were dipped in butter its so golden.

I could tweak forever and am do offline. The elements I want are there, its just not doing quite what I want. Or is the essence the true art, not the exactness?

Thanks for your kind support as always. Its much appreciated.