Monday, September 26, 2011

Exhibiting virtually

I've toyed with the concept of virtual exhibitions for a few months and it is available is several forms of software at varying levels of sophistication and pricing. Its a step up from static websites or blogs, going from two dimension to three dimension views. is a meeting point for art buyers and sellers; we play a mediating role to facilitate the purchase and sale of works through a system that guarantees:
  • A reliable environment for both parties.
  • The authenticity of the works on sale.
  • The opportunity to return them.
I'm starting with Virtual Gallery for a trial to see how a virtual gallery performs and what interest it garners.  The gallery performs as a three dimensional room or rooms, depending on how many pieces are displayed, with art on all walls which can be viewed as the mouse (viewer) turns right or left.

Closer views of the art can be seen by clicking on a piece, as well as information about the piece, pricing, etc.  The software works as a cross between a website and a gallery , with a commission paid on sales and future development into on demand printing being researched by the organizers.  The commission rate for the free version is 20%.  If you buy the package, it drops to 10% with more options available.

There is an option to link updates and events to Facebook or Twitter and to have an opening event for the gallery. I haven't really looked at the sales option for this trial, as I'm not sure if I want to go this route in this environment or not yet.

I'm using some of my gyotaku and fish paintings for this gallery view.  If you take a peek at the virtual gallery, I'd love to know what you think about the concept and how you think it compares to blogs, websites and online gallery options for potential exposure and sales of art.

Jeanette Jobson Fine Art - The Gyotaku Project


Jonathan "Blade" Manning said...

How AWESOME would some of those works be if they really filled a wall like that?!? Do you know if it gives you control over the perceived size?

Jeanette said...

Wouldn't it just?

I haven't figured that part out yet. I think once you put in the sizes of the pieces, the relative size-to-human is factored in as an option to view in another window.

Sue Pownall said...

ooh made myself dizzy as you can spin around very fast. Your paintings look amazing on the site. I hope you get interest from it.

Margaret Ryall said...

Where do you get the time ? You amaze me with your energy. This is interesting information Jeanette. It's almost like being there. I hope it works for you.

Gary L. Everest said...

Evening Jeanette,
After playing with this for awhile, I'm not too wild about it. Lots of stuff going on, but too many clicks to finally see a work up-close and stable.
For my money, your current set-up is the winner. Hope this helps you make up your mind.

Jeanette said...

Sue, it does move a bit fast if you're not careful, doesn't it? I don't expect that I will continue on with it, there are too many other things I'm not thrilled with on the site. However, it is a bit of fun.

Margaret, my time is stolen from other areas of life. Late nights and early mornings, snippets of lunch, minutes stolen from news watching. They all add up and my mind never stops whirring.

I don't know if I will continue with this virtual venture, but its worthwhile exploring.

Gary, there are elements that are good and bad in this software and I think it needs more refinement for it to work as well as anticipated for a virtual gallery.

The size of the images and, as you said, complications in reaching them easily, as well as restrictions on numbers, costs, returns, promotion, etc. etc.

I don't think I will use this seriously, but it is a little bit of experimentation in technology that's always useful to know about.