Monday, September 12, 2011

Iris - continued

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I don't paint flowers.  I try now and then, but lose interest in them very rapidly.  Why?  I have no idea.

Painting animals, fish, water, rocks...I tackle them all happily.  But present me with a flower and my mind instantly thinks 'yuck'.  I guess we're all drawn to different subject matter for a variety of reasons and maybe some of it is where our journey in art began.  There are so many good flower artists out there who make blooms look fresh and alive.  I just don't think I'm going to be one of them.

However, in my bid to finish a number of paintings that are sitting on my drafting table, I am determined to do battle and win with this flower.  The iris bud.  Simple form, complex form.  There are many subtle variances in colour and value that give this form and getting just the right colour is challenging, but I finally think I'm moving in the right direction.  Conquering the greens...oh that is a story for another post entirely.  Why do I find greens so daunting?  Is it just me or does anyone else have issues with greens?  Maybe its just because green is one of my least favourite colours.

 This piece is in oils on an 8" x 16" canvas panel.  I began this painting a couple of months ago and its sat there taunting me ever since. Bear with me for another few days and I'll whip it into submission.  Or burn it.


Wai Li said...

Hey I did a flower... I posted it onmy blog.. it would be nice if you took a look at it! :) My friend told me today that she doesn't like to do flowers. lol. I dunno, I kinda like doing them. I like taking photos of them too.

Barbara Philip said...

Glad to hear others find greens challenging too :) Well done for giving the iris a go. I painted a violet iris a few years ago, and now they are flowering so I am tempted to give them a go again. I once saw a painting of a jungle in Indonesia where the artist used no green paint but combinations of other colours. When my green phobia strikes I think of that challenge :)

Jeanette said...

Wai Li, everything enjoys different subjects to paint or draw. For me, its not usually flowers, but I admire those who can do them well.

Barbara, that's a great idea to try. I've done challenges of creating white not using white, but not green. Might get me past my green phobia.

Sue Pownall said...

Please don't burn it, it's looking good!

Jennifer Rose said...

i love green, but it is my favourite colour :)

i think the bud is coming along nicely, not just saying that to be nice. don't burn it, but if you do, stand back. oils and turps make a nice fire :p

suzanneberry said...

you may not want to paint flowers but your paint the heck outta the buds!! this is so interesting and beautifully painted! i feel the same way about flowers...i've tried so many times to paint them and i just can't!

Teresa Mallen said...

Looks fabulous! Glad to see the 8 x 16 size. I like large flowers - er...buds. I don't have trouble with greens but it is probably because green is also my favourite colour. Jennifer Rose and I have this in common. :-) Am joining the chorus of 'don't burn it!'

Hedera said...

I do understand Jeanette. I rarely paint or draw flowers unless the form or texture is really interesting ie. in bud or decaying. I love fresh flowers and garden flowers, however... I like your composition. Perhaps you could try and forget that it is a flower - that might also help with the greens too? I look forward to seeing the piece finished.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the support Sue, its still on the easel. :)

Green just doesn't do it for Jennifer and I have to get over that to do botanical paintings and landscapes. And yes, oil paintings would make good tinder.

Suzanne, some people are meant to paint flowers, some are not. But I do persevere for some strange reason.

Teresa thanks. I really like this size canvas and bought a half dozen or more them. The rectangular shape has so many possibilities.

Hedera, you're right. And I've been ignoring the fact that its a flower bud as much as I can and just concentrating on shapes and values. It does seem to help. But I'll never be a flower painter, they just don't interest me enough usually.