Friday, September 16, 2011

Vertigo - complete

 18" x 24"

I've spent some time finishing up details on a few paintings and Vertigo is one of them.  This is the final view of a Northern Gannet soaring over the ocean.  They dive like rockets, straight as an arrow, into the water to catch fish and its quite amazing to see them.

The feathers on the wings were the most difficult part of the bird.  It was a matter of breaking them down into small parts and just working steadily through them to get the task finished.  Some more glazing of the water surface and working on additional details of the head and overall values and I'm calling this complete.

I ran a segment of video while I was finishing some details of the bird.  Its quite difficult for me to talk about what I'm doing and paint at the same time, so there are gaps or stumbled words that didn't come out as I wanted them to do.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Your video has been a lovely way to start the weekend. I can really feel the wind and hear the birds cries. Love it!!!

Jeanette said...

Thanks so much Lisa. One day I'll perfect videos and get all the elements together correctly! :)

Michael Bailey said...

Awesome painting. I really enjoyed the video of this and also the one of the shell in watercolour. It's great to see artists at work - very helpful indeed. Thank you for sharing Jeanette :)

Ann said...

Wonderful painting! I enjoyed the video too. It is fascinating seeing how some one else works. Great to hear your voice!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Jeanette, your gannet is splendid! Your video is also excellent and I really enjoyed watching it. I hope that you will be filming lots more. Thank you!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Michael. It took awhile to get the kinks out of this one. :) Yes it is interesting to see how other artists work, I agree.

Ann, thank you. I'll perfect this video stuff soon! :)

Christiane, I'm so happy you think so. Like most of us, I can always find fault with it and those feathers gave me grief.

I'll have to do a little planning around the next video experiment. I always seem to think of it rather late in the game.

"JeanneG" said...

Really a treat to watch you work and hear your voice. I can't believe you are working in oils with long sleeves. If I had done that, my sleeves would have been full of paint.