Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Review

In reviewing what I've done in 2011, there are successes and forward movement and also some stagnation.  2011 has been one of my best years financially for art, despite a recession, with most work coming through online sales and commissions.

The creation of a local art group has been beneficial to have others to bounce ideas off and to produce group exhibitions.  This will continue into 2012 and hopefully expand.

I planned to create a body of work in the subject of water.  I did produce about 18 or 19 water-related pieces, but not enough in my mind to build a body of work, so more to add on that next year.  Time, or lack of, is always a challenge for me when balancing a full time job and pushing an art career hard too.

I wanted to increase the number of drawings produced and those have been minimal unfortunately.  I do sketch every day and always enjoy the process of drawing so much, but painting needs for exhibitions or otherwise seem to take precedence.  

Making time for the business of art as well as the production of art is essential and I've done a decent job on that in 2011.  I've created business cards twice a year, postcards on gyotaku, produced a book, The Gyotaku Project, in print form and as an e-book.  I keep my art resume, biography and artist statement up to date.  

Visibility was another area I wanted to concentrate on in 2011.  I made efforts to enter local juried exhibitions and had pieces selected for two.  I took part in two local group exhibitions and had a piece exhibited in Edinburgh at the Trees for Life charity fund raiser.   Other local opportunities slipped through my fingers due to work commitments and just not having enough time to coordinate entries.

I didn't manage to explore other outlets for card and reproduction sales, again a time factor.  There are only so many hours in the day and when I need to be able to meet and greet and show products to the market, my day job takes over.   More plans for that next year.

My aim for an exhibition proposal became just that. I created the proposal and image cd, but have not had time to research where I want to send it.  Aiming too high may be an issue with me.

Web Presence
In May I created a website to provide additional visibility and showcase my art besides my blog.  It continues to evolve and is updated as required.  A media and exhibition page also were created.  I pushed harder for a presence on Facebook and Twitter.   I have produced a year's worth of monthly newsletters featuring regular pieces and interviews with artists from around the world.

I have had successes and feel the year has gone well, despite not being able to fulfill all my goals.  I know the direction I'm heading in and will put that into words in the day or two.  I'll leave the last day of 2011 with a sample of paintings that I have produced over the past year.

Happy New Year and thank you for taking time over the past year to spend with me and my art. 


felicitydeverell said...

Happy New Year to you too!

This post inspires me to go at it hard this year and produce heaps of work!

Thank you, have a very good 2012.

Felicity said...

Your slide show is beautiful and mesmerising! It really gives a sense of your personality, your inspiration and your unique environment. Thank YOU for sharing your art with us! Happy New Year, Jeanette!

Jeanette said...

Happy New Year Felicity. I can produce a reasonable amount of work annually, but get sidetracked. Having a shot of determination and another of focus will likely push me through 2012.

All good wishes for the coming year for you and your family.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy New Year Jeanette.
I loved seeing all your beautiful work in your slide show. It really puts it into perspective the amount of work you created in 2011 also how you've stayed focused on your goals and moved forward. You are an inspiration to a lot of us.

Jeanette said...

Happy New Year Nancy. For things to move ahead, a lot of work has to be produced I've found. This slideshow doesn't include everything I've done in 2011, more a sampling.