Friday, December 09, 2011

Mare's Tails

 Mare's Tails
8 x 10

I did a demo of clouds at a recent art class using acrylics.  I haven't used acrylic paint for awhile and getting used to the quick drying again took a little adjusting from the oils I'd been accustomed to using.

Clouds, I find, are best created with a very dry brush with a minute amount of pigment on it.  Building layer over layer gives some structure to the cloud amd I've found that using a Q-Tip end is perfect for feathering out edges of the cloud into those transparent, wispy edges.

These clouds are cirrus and one of the most abundant.  The wind teases them out into streamers and thin layers and usually indicate a change in weather within 24 hours, often fine weather.


Lydie said...

This is called "having your head in the clouds." Beautiful illusion, I like a lot. What is a Q-tip end?

sue said...

Stunning Jeanette

Jeanette said...

The best place to be sometimes Lydie. :) Glad you enjoy it. A Q-tip is a brand name for those little white sticks with cotton wool on the ends.

Thank you Sue.

RH Carpenter said...

Lovely work! The sky offers us such inspiration and you've captured that wispy cloud look perfectly.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Rhonda. You're right,the sky offers endless opportunity.