Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Snowflake Man

 Plate XIX of "Studies among the Snow Crystals ... " by Wilson Bentley 1902
Wikipedia commons - Public domain
I have been doing some research for an etching and wanted to try a snowflake.  In looking for images, I came across The Snowflake Man.  Wilson Bentley, a Vermont farmer, was obsessed with the structure of snow crystals and learned to photograph individual flakes, through a microscope and bellows camera,  creating an amazing series of hundreds of separate images.

No two snow flakes are ever alike.  Wilson Bentley indeed proved this back in the late 1800s.


Bonny said...

Wow! I went and looked up the video clip on YouTube, yours doesn't do anything :(

Such dedication to a dream and a vision! I love snowflakes and I now know who we have to thank for the thousands of reproduced reditions we see everywhere today.
What an amazing man!

Thanks for sharing this discovery.

Jeanette said...

Hmmmm it works on my computer and iPod so not.sure why it didn't open for you Bonny. Glad you could access it it's quite interesting.

Jennifer Rose said...

i was determined when i was a kid to find identical snowflakes lol