Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream boat

Insomnia has its drawbacks but also its benefits.  Up at 4am this morning, I gravitated to the studio and once some coffee did its work, I decided to do some painting.

This is the grisaille start of a small boat.  The palette is mostly Caribbean Blue, Payne's Grey and white and in oils.  Its at the point where I need to let it dry for a few days before adding more paint.  Its 10" x 10" on canvas panel.

The colour and monotone reminds me of dreams.  Hazy and not quite formed and always a little unsettling, making you ask questions of why, where, and how.


suzanneberry said...

a lovely beginning! it's so peaceful in the early AM but i'm so sorry you're not sleeping! but painting always helps.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah having insomnia does have the perk of getting a lot done :p I tend to get more sketches done when I can't sleep at all :/

right now the boat has a very ghost like look to it :D

Trade Your Talent said...

wonderful boat! so dreamlike!