Thursday, January 26, 2012

A zen decision

I think its time to create another ocean wave.  I'm trying to decide to go small, medium, large or extra large.  Decisions, decisions.  While I decide, I put a little paint on canvas in the form of a study of how I want the wave to look, more or less.  Yes, I do love my studies.  Sometimes they don't get past that, but its great to work out the bugs on a small surface before tackling something larger.  This is in oils on an old panel.  I'm working my way through reject paintings by recycling them in studies and impasto paintings and will need some new canvas panels soon!

I discovered Buddha Boards today via Myrna Wackov's blog post on drawing with a coffee stir stick.  She's inspired.  Her drawing in the post wasn't on a Buddha Board but it seems to be a great alternative to a 'zen' sketch book.   The zen of living in the moment, no past, no future lives up to its name in this board.  You use water and brush only on special paper.  The lines are like ink and wash but only last a few minutes then disappear completely.  You can only capture your sketch with a camera.  Its truly the green alternative to working out compositions and ideas.

I just ordered one.

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Wai Li said...

Checked out the Buddah Board. I want one. lol