Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucie Rose rises again

I did a small painting, since sold,  of this little boat that I found in Conception Harbour a couple of years ago. It was tied up at a wharf, the tide was out and it was sitting in the shallow water, waiting.  Handpainted on the side was the boat's name:  Lucie Rose.

Looking for something to paint, I thought I'd repaint Lucie Rose again.  The first painting was 5 x7, now this 12 x 24 and in oils again.  The angles of the boat aren't quite right yet but they'll get there.  For some reason, I have a real challenge getting a boat's shape down pat.  You'd think it was simple, wouldn't you? There's something appealing about the tweaks to nudge something into shape and watch it appear on a blank canvas. 

There are several types of boats commonly seen around Newfoundland.  Skiffs dories and rodneys.  I must research the differences between them and find out just what the Lucie Rose is.


Pam Johnson Brickell said...

What a wonderful name. Boat perspective is very tricky!

Jeanette said...

So many small boats here are named after wives or daughters. I wonder who Lucie Rose is - or are? I think the shape is doing what I want now.